Charles, Daubmann, and Marshall have been collaborating on a variety of projects since 2008. r+d LAB grows out of a meshing of rootoftwo + DAUB. While rootoftwo and DAUB pursue separate projects, r+d LAB identifies and collaborates on unique, high value projects.

r+d LAB is based in Michigan and maintains strong ties to industry / manufacturing, an intense creative network, and a world-class research university. As a collaborative, multidisciplinary design studio, we work through a process of researching issues, materials, and technologies. We brainstorm related themes and create operational, physical prototypes. We make opportunities to reframe systems, infrastructures, and networks. Our work specifically attempts to disrupt and undermine systems through humor, play, interaction and participation.

We possess the experience and flexibility to adapt and develop our initial conceptual proposals to the exacting demands of site, budget, public safety and other requirements and schedule. In addition, we have the skill and track-record of working with multiple constituencies and stakeholders in the development and delivery of complex projects. The ability to prototype and fabricate throughout the ideation, integration and implementation phases leads to fully resolved design, environments, and experiences. r+d LAB has access to cutting-edge fabrication facilities for project prototyping and design development. The ability to prototype and experiment is an integral part of our shared design process and has resulted in successful collaborations for a range work from products to environments.

r+d LAB is as comfortable discussing the studio’s work in public settings as we are at making, researching, and designing. Collectively we have presented work in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Italy, Japan, Macedonia, the Netherlands, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States.